Mustang by James Stewart
James Stewart

James Stewart is a Whistler Artist whose obsession for Character has led him through 65 countries. His work, highly realistic from afar is abstract in execution imbuing the surface with a raw energy that is strikingly contemporary. The collection is a choir of individual voices speaking to global unity. His sculptures, placed all over the world connect cultures through our relatable, universal expressions. The human condition is the soul of art and these characters, from seemingly unrelatable corners of the earth, connect you. This voice, this connection is the art.

James has been a member of Artist’s for Conservation, was part of the landmark trip to China to promote environmental awareness and supports Soysambu with proceeds from sales. He is a member of the Explorer’s Club and this year’s winner of the Charlotte Geffken Prize, first place, at the 84th Annual National Sculpture Society Awards.

"...his creations certainly are [recognizable] — without James Stewart The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe would have no lion and District 9 would be missing its aliens. Beyond the film world, this talented artist is a world-renowned sculptor set on capturing the essence of the countries he visits." -  Interview, Destination, February 2013

The Avens Gallery
James Stewart
James Stewart
51" x 33" x 14"
     Edition of 9
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